Honoring Our Legacy and Shaping the Future



Message from the President/CEO

Diana Gray, MA
President and Chief Executive Officer
Hydrocephalus Association
Jason Preston
Chair, Hydrocephalus Association Board of Directors

"2023 was a year of remarkable achievements for the Hydrocephalus Association! We celebrated our 40th anniversary with significant strides in research, expanded our community networks, and raised vital funds through HA WALKs. The progress we’ve made together inspires hope in me and drives us closer to a future free from the challenges of hydrocephalus."


In 2023, the Hydrocephalus Association (HA) celebrated its 40th Anniversary.

Throughout the year, we honored our legacy and embraced our future with the entire community, reflecting on our milestones and the accomplishments of the past four decades, while looking forward to our future accomplishments.

Connecting With Our Past
HA’s Founders and Visionaries
Celebrating Milestones and Empowering Hope at Our 40th Anniversary Gala
The Hydrocephalus Association Earns a Prestigious Four-Star Rating from Charity Navigator
Strategic Plan 2023-25


We are focused on improving lives now and funding the breakthrough research of tomorrow.

Over the last 14 years, HA has invested $14M in grant money to scientists. In turn, these scientists have invested this initial funding into their research to help them secure even greater funding amounts through the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Department of Defense (DOD) and other foundations. HA’s initial investment into research has multiplied to $88M in total funding. 

Elevating Research Impact: 2021-2023 Research Report
PRMRP CDMRP Awarded $11.7 Million to Hydrocephalus Research in 2023
The SCEMPI Clinical Trial for Preterm Infants
Record-Breaking $14 Million Grant for iNPH Clinical Trial in Full Swing
Announcing the 2023 Innovator Awards Recipients
Research Workshop Entitled Developing Non-Invasive Therapies
Under Pressure: A Campaign to Accelerate the Pace of Research
Invested in Research Since 2009

$14 million

Preclinical Drugs Tested


total grants awarded to scientists


people have joined HAPPIER, our Hydrocephalus Patient Registry


secured in Additional
Funding by HA Researchers

$74 million

Support & Education

Providing resources and support to help you on your journey with hydrocephalus.

For more than 36 years, our community has relied on us for guidance and answers about hydrocephalus. Whether through our Helpline, offering free educational resources, or fostering meaningful connections via our Community Networks, supporting our community is our passion. In 2023, we remained a constant source of hope and information for those affected by hydrocephalus.

Announcing our 2023 Hydrocephalus Association Scholarship Recipients
2023 Virtual Conference on Hydrocephalus
Inaugural World Hydrocephalus Day Brings Increased Visibility
to Hydrocephalus Awareness Month
September is Hydrocephalus Awareness Month and This Year’s was a Resounding Success.
Support Touches


HA Community Network virtual social gatherings and educational meetings


HA Community Networks


Doctors in HA’s
Physicians Directory


WALK to End Hydrocephalus

Thanks to HA's incredible volunteers, 40 WALKs were held across the U.S. in 2023, with nearly 7,000 participants forming over 800 teams. These events collectively raised nearly $1.8 million for HA's research, education, and support programs. To date, our WALK to End Hydrocephalus has raised $20.8M to help support our mission!

Honoring our Legacy: WALK to End Hydrocephalus
Top Ten WALK to End Hydrocephalus Teams
Highest Grossing WALKs, WALK sites with the Highest Growth in a Single Year and WALK Anniversaries
WALK Sites With the Highest Growth in a Single Year
WALK Anniversaries
Newest WALK Site
Held across the US

40 Walks

helped raise money at a walk

800 Teams

people registered for a WALK

7000 People

Raised for Hydrocephalus research, support & education

$1.8 Million

Community Impact

Our vision is powered by our community.

Every year, individuals nationwide unite to raise awareness and education about hydrocephalus, while also raising funds for a cure. Discover the inspiring stories of our community members, see how their dedication fuels our mission, and discover ways that you can partner with us to further our mission.

My Husband’s NPH Diagnosis Journey
Coast to Coast Tour with Todd Touchberry
Fashion and Philanthropy in Chicago
Corporate Council Program


The Hydrocephalus Association is the leading voice for the hydrocephalus community on Capitol Hill, successfully fighting for legislation that increases federal research dollars for hydrocephalus and improving the lives of those living with the condition.

Advocacy in Action: Carly Weisman
New Hire Spotlight: Davis Kaderli 
HA Pursues an Aggressive Advocacy Agenda in 2024
NPPACT Launches in 2023 to Improve Pediatric to Adult Care Transition



The Hydrocephalus Association has earned high marks from the GUIDESTAR, CHARITY NAVIGATOR, AMERICA’S BEST CHARITIES and the NATIONAL HEALTH COUNCIL. See all of our Charity Ratings. For more on our financials, visit our website

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The Hydrocephalus Association depends on concerned individuals like you to help us raise funds to support critical research and programs that improve the quality of life for people living with hydrocephalus and, ultimately, find a cure.