WALKs to End Hydrocephalus Raise Over $2 Million

Over 15,000 people participated in a WALK to End Hydrocephalus in 2019, raising over $2 million to support HA’s mission! WALKs were held in 44 locations across the country. The WALKs are an opportunity to meet others impacted by hydrocephalus and to raise critical funds for the Hydrocephalus Association’s education, support, and research efforts. All 44 HA WALKs are 100 percent volunteer-led by dedicated members of the hydrocephalus community.

2019 WALK to End Hydrocephalus Locations


(based on amount raised)

Orange County WALK to End Hydrocephalus

Los Angeles WALK to End Hydrocephalus

National Capital WALK to End Hydrocephalus

Seattle WALK to End Hydrocephalus

Long Island WALK to End Hydrocephalus







Kipp Coco

Kipp Coco photo_WALK section

Kipp Coco started HA's WALK to End Hydrocephalus in Northwest Arkansas in 2015. Through his passion and dedication, his WALK has raised over $96,000 to support HA's mission.

Kipp Coco

NW Arkansas Walk Chair

"I started the Arkansas WALK to make a difference for my daughter Emma and everyone else affected by hydrocephalus. I know I won't develop a cure or a better shunt but I can help fund that path forward. Hydrocephalus can make you feel powerless because of all the uncertainty that accompanies it. Leading the WALK allows me to take control over the outcome versus being at the mercy of the unknown.”