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WALK To End Hydrocephalus Becomes Virtual Movement

Every year, thousands of families gather at local WALK to End Hydrocephalus events across the country to raise awareness and funds for HA’s mission. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, coming together in person was not possible so we created a virtual WALK to End Hydrocephalus movement so that anyone could participate and raise money for their local WALK doing whatever activity they wanted wherever they were.

Some participants walked or jogged around their neighborhood, while others did headstands, swam laps, or did push-ups every day. The creativity of the hydrocephalus community was astounding! Participants shared their activity on social media using the hashtag #HydroStrong, generating a record amount of social media engagement and a 296% increase in social media exposure. Our WALK movement culminated in a WALK to End Hydrocephalus National Virtual Celebration that we live-streamed on YouTube. The event celebrated the resiliency, creativity, and strength of the hydrocephalus community, featuring inspiring stories and appearances by celebrities such as actor/singer Phylicia Rashad, actor Max Greenfield, Daryl Evans, and Blake Bolden of the L.A. Kings, and more.

Despite the difficult year, the WALK to End Hydrocephalus raised over $1.3 million for our critical programs to support families and fund research. Thanks to everyone who supported our WALKs, with special gratitude to our WALK volunteers and sponsors who helped make it all a success.

Kasey Andres kicking for a cure
Hopkins Yoga for a cure
Biking for a cure
Walking for a Gemma
Sightseeing for a cure
Exercising for a cure Nick Sanchez


Locust Cider

Since 2015, Locust Cider, a hard cider company based out of Washington, has partnered with the Hydrocephalus Association to raise awareness about the condition and funds to support our mission. The company proudly defines itself as a business with a cause. That cause is personal to Locust Cider founders Jason and Rebecca Spears, whose daughter, Lucy, was born with hydrocephalus. Locust Cider educates about hydrocephalus on each can, and on their website. In addition, a portion of the proceeds of each sale as well as from their SWARM Club memberships goes directly to the Hydrocephalus Association. The company has raised more than $60,000 for our research, support and education programs.

Jason and Rebecca Spears

“Children with hydrocephalus are the toughest people we have found so far, and we have made it our mission to use this cider company as a vehicle to improve their lives.”


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