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Announcing our 2023 Hydrocephalus Association Scholarship Recipients

The Hydrocephalus Association is pleased to announce the 2023 Hydrocephalus Association Scholarship Award Recipients. Since the scholarship program was established in 1994, HA has awarded 253 scholarships to future leaders of our community. In addition to successfully managing their hydrocephalus, these students continue to excel in the classroom, volunteer and give back to help their local communities. They are an inspiration to us all, demonstrating that hydrocephalus does not stand in the way of pursuing one’s goals. We are proud to honor these remarkable young adults.

Arvelo, Amanda

Amanda Arvelo

Recipient of the Baldus Family Scholarship in Memory of Gerard Swartz Fudge

“In the future, I hope to use my ability to relate to patients and their families by working in a pediatric intensive care unit and doing research on the effect that hydrocephalus has on children.”

Behringer, Anya

Anya Behringer

Recipient of the Hydrocephalus Association Scholarship, Supported by Erik & Lisa Chamberlain

“I will always do my best to not let hydrocephalus negatively affect my goals, aspirations and relationships with friends and family. I want to be able to raise awareness for hydrocephalus while also proving that it does not have to define or limit my success and dreams.”

Srinivasan, Aparna

Aparna Srinivasan

Recipient of the Gerard Swartz Fudge Memorial Scholarships

“My experiences cultivated a passion for the art of medicine in me, to be an advocate, and to be compassionate and supportive for those combating illness and disability.”

Labbe, Audrey

Audrey Labbe

Recipient of the Morris L. and Rebecca Ziskind Memorial Scholarships

“I look forward to working with peers, developing ideas, and gaining experience that will help me become productive in the field of engineering and progress toward my goal of helping to preserve the planet.”

Youngren, Connor

Connor Youngren

Recipient of the Morris L. and Rebecca Ziskind Memorial Scholarships

"I’m driven to pursue a degree in audiology to be a figure of inspiration to others. I see myself serving as a role model and supportive figure to other children just like the ones I had.”

Parks, Dalja

Dalja Parks

Recipient of the Kate Finlayson Memorial Scholarship

“My goal is to spark change in health systems by making them more accessible and responsive to the community’s needs, fostering trust and stronger physician-patient relationships.”

Kozik, Doug

Doug Kozik

Recipient of the Justin Scot Alston Memorial Scholarship

“While my journey to this point has been challenging, I persevered. I am a survivor. I am prepared to handle any challenge thrown my way. I am excited to see what my future holds.”

Crouthamel, Jayne

Jayne Crouthamel

Recipient of the Gerard Swartz Fudge Memorial Scholarships

“I hope to contribute to hydrocephalus research in a way that improves the public understanding of the condition and enhances treatment options. My aspiration is to one day establish my own laboratory, dedicated to advancing knowledge about hydrocephalus and finding better treatment options.”

Kohlhoff, Landon

Landon Kohlhoff

Recipient of the Mario J. Tocco Hydrocephalus Foundation Scholarship

“I want to encourage people with any brain condition, that you can still do amazing feats and there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Work hard and success is possible.”

Criswell, LaSaundra

LaSaundra Criswell

Recipient of the Jacobsen Family Scholarship

“Through my career in the entertainment industry, I hope to eventually expand my documentary further and give back to the community on a larger scale. This way, other kids like me will see that they are not alone.”

Hommel, Madeline

Madeline Hommel

Recipient of the Anthony Abbene Scholarships

“The message that I want to instill in my students and my peers is that you genuinely have the capability to achieve anything you set your mind to. If you put forth your best effort, you can reach your desired destination.”

Morrison, Seamus

Seamus Morrison

Recipient of the Anthony Abbene Scholarships

“I mentor teen and young adult brain tumor survivors at a summer camp in Montana. Giving back to this community has given me a profound sense of gratitude for my condition, while at the same time inspiring me to work harder to improve life for other brain tumor survivors.”

2023 Virtual Conference on Hydrocephalus


Virtual Kids Camp

Our Virtual Kids Camp captured the attention of our youngest learners. Children actively engaged in online activities led by HA’s Support Program Manager, Lakisha Harris, and HA Board Member, Pam Finlayson. They explored the intricacies of the brain, learned all about germs, and even had the opportunity to create their own song with the team from Hear Your Song. Additionally, they enjoyed an exciting live virtual tour of Dr. Carolyn Harris’ Research Lab.

The Hydrocephalus Association successfully piloted its Virtual Conference on Hydrocephalus, HA CONNECT, from November 3-5, 2023. This innovative event brought together participants from six different countries, including medical professionals, researchers, patients, and family members, marking a unique addition to an off-conference year.

The virtual conference ran over three days, for two to five hours each day. Friday opened with networking sessions for our community to connect. The educational core of the conference took place on Saturday over a five hour period. Sunday wrapped up with an interactive online Kids Camp for our youngest attendees. One striking observation was the notable increase in adult participation, constituting more than 50% of all registrants. This demographic shift underscores a changing trend, showing greater engagement from adults living with hydrocephalus. Our programming reflected the topics requested most by this demographic.

While the conference featured cutting-edge research, showcased by Dr. Young-Kwon Hong’s insights into potential treatments for abnormal brain fluid accumulation, the standout sessions were our lifestyle-focused ones. These sessions provided patients and their families with invaluable advice, essential tools, and effective strategies for navigating the challenges of school and work. Additionally, the conference recognized the importance of addressing mental health in the context of hydrocephalus.

As we reflect on the event, we are grateful to our speakers and to all those who attended. Our virtual HA CONNECT allowed us to evaluate the interest in multi-day and multiple hour events. The feedback we collected has also played a pivotal role in shaping a more comprehensive program for our upcoming in-person conference. We eagerly anticipate your participation in Tampa and the exciting possibility of welcoming some of our virtual speakers to the in-person event.

We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting our virtual conference: Medtronic, Codman Specialty Surgical, an Integra Life Sciences Company, and Anuncia.

Inaugural World Hydrocephalus Day Brings Increased Visibility to Hydrocephalus Awareness Month


On September 20, 2023, the world came together to observe the inaugural World Hydrocephalus Day, a day dedicated to raising global awareness about hydrocephalus and showing support for individuals living with this complex neurological condition. This designated annual awareness day garnered participation from numerous countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Israel, Nigeria, and Sweden. World Hydrocephalus Day welcomes all to unite in shaping a brighter future for those with hydrocephalus. Through heightened awareness, deeper understanding, and dedicated research funding, we can positively impact the millions touched by this condition.

World Hydrocephalus Day Partners

Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 10.39.45 AM

September is Hydrocephalus Awareness Month and This Year’s was a Resounding Success.

Our theme this year wasTake Control. Flip the Script. We invited those touched by hydrocephalus to share their authentic stories, defying limitations, and challenging the myths that surround the condition. HA complimented the stories by sharing valuable information and resources to highlight some of the ways in which this invisible condition impacts our daily lives and provides our community with support and answers.

Our community came through! We saw an increase in our impressions and engagements across social media. We are so thankful to our community for telling their own personal stories on these public platforms to help educate and raise awareness about hydrocephalus. We are also grateful to Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (VA) and our Caucus Co-Chair Congressman Lloyd Doggett (TX) for their support by sharing our posts.

Through amplifying our diverse voices, challenging stereotypes, and fostering understanding, we helped reshape the narrative surrounding hydrocephalus.